Top 3 central attacking midfielders of FIFA 12

24 Nov

Alright, I looove lists. I’ve been trying to pin out the 10 best midfielders of FIFA 12. We are not talking wingers, only real midfielders playring right, left or center and making a difference for your team.

1) Xavi – FC Barcelona, skill 92

Unparalleled when it comes to passing accuracy. Fair shot from the distance. Seems to boost the team in some way. Quite often scores goals. Speed and acceleration sucks though at 67/68, but his passing and dribbling skills make up for it.

2) Kevin Prince Boateng – AC Milan, skill 82

Although 82 is not an impressive skill level compared to other stars of the game, Prince has got everything it takes to make him the most valuable member of your squad. He’s got strenght, pace, shooting power and dribbling skills that are up there amongst the best. It seems almost impossible to get the ball of his feet, despite him “only” mounting an 82 dribbling skill. Fair longshot and average freekick-skills. Bad at penalties and below par finisher at 69, though.

3) David Silva – Manchester City, skill 87

The new signing of Manchester City, David Silva, is a player that most people would want in their FIFA 12 team. Pace and acceleration up there or there abouts, and once he gets going, he’s hard to ever stop. 87 dribbling skills, 80 shooting, 80 passing and 83 positioning ensures a player that’s just always where he should be, and always able to do something clever. The 91 vision skill-tag definitely tell the story of a player capable of topping the assists-list come the end of the campaign.

There are tons of good players in FIFA 12, and the above mentioned three players are my own, personal favorites. I am always interested in hearing your thoughts on the topic, and would much appreciate your view on things. In my humble opinion, Kevin Prince Boateng is the best value for money – especially when playing Ultimate Team. He’s current success in AC Milan in real-life has made him quite expensive though, thus still cheaper than Xavi and other top names.


One Response to “Top 3 central attacking midfielders of FIFA 12”

  1. Cesar February 19, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    Old topic, but I’ve been researching it and found Diego, from Atl Madrid, to be a solid CAM too. He has good passing and good dribling (and the flair trait to help). Questionable finishing, but he has the long shot taker trait to make it up for it. Try him, I think he’s among the best.

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